by DAB5

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The Journey Begins


released April 18, 2015

Performed By- DAB5
Vocals- Darren Lightburn Jr, Dylan Wheeler
Drums- Brandan Burton
Guitar- Dylan Wheeler, Rafael Joson, Gerard Fee, D. Lightburn
Sax- Joshua Simon
Bass, Keys- D. Lightburn

Produced, Lyrics- D. Lightburn



all rights reserved


DAB5 New Jersey

DAB5, is a modern day Sly & the Family from New Jersey. These dynamic gentlemen possess a uniquely blended, combination of sound that defies classification.

Influenced by greats like Funkadelic, Hendrix, James Brown, the Rolling Stones, & D'angelo. DAB5 has released their debut album "Clarity" that is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. Also available for streaming on Spotify,
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Track Name: Waste
Verse 1
Wait// said the burning flame// to the ocean// what if i go on, without causing pain to all the people// I'll always be the light// Ayy, and I'll reveal the lie// don't you know// but they're so scare of life// they say that they dont need your light anymore// but wait, wait, wait// I'm the flame// I think my desire's been confused// I just wanna spread the truth for you// its what i do// so you dont waste away a fool// dont you waste// and stay

You're tellin me to take it easy// and even though my mind's unclear// its in the way you yell// i can tell you love me still// even you, you, you, you, you, you, you

Verse 2
and you know// sometimes it gets to hot and I// gotta cool off in the rain sometime// and i know sometimes, i seem to loose my mind// i just cant shake off all the stress sometime// throughout my days// I still hear your voice// callin just to say// boy behave// and dont be a slave to what tempts you// you cant let those demons ride you// and waste your days a fooll// id rather waste my days with you, oh no// waste// dont waste

You're tellin me to take it easy// and even though my mind's unclear// its in the way you yell// i can tell you love me still// even you, you, you, you, you, you, you
Track Name: U4EA
Euphoria x4
Take me away
why dont you take me away from here x2
Euphoria x4
Track Name: Madness
Verse 1
They call me bad, thats what they say
i bring trouble with every word i say
and if you trust me i can take over your brain
i can do what i gotta
just to stay
i bring trouble

Verse 2
In a way
you'll be just fine
play by the rules
keep it all untied
i cant play for keeps
If i aint pleased
you should let me go
leave me be
hey i bring trouble

You say you dont care at all
How much could it hurt to fall
We could die together in all the madness
that we leave in our wake
the madness
that we live in today
the madness
that we leave in our way
the madness
that we live in today

Verse 3
I said let me go
leave me be
if my world collapsed i doubt you would follow me
i know im wrong
i can tell that you've been noticing
i never wanted a lover i was jut lonely wasting time
Hey i bring trouble

Track Name: Inside The Lines
You're more than I deserve
extraordinary find
I get a feeling I've only heard of
As a kid when it was bed time
I never meant to keep you guessing
I want you, don't stress it
I'll work on my expression for you

There's so much I can do
When we're locked inside the lines of loving deep and true
Just me and you

You're smile ignites a fire
The burning of desire
Hits me deep within my soul
And whenever you're near
My sorrows disappear
They say I'm trippin
But I say I'm on a mission
Stay with me, I'm never gonna let you down
Oh, whatever we go through
I will keep my heart set on loving you
And I know it gets hard to manage
But for you I take the challenge, yea

Track Name: (Heads Up High) These Po's Aint Loyal
(Heads Up High) These Po's Ain't Loyal
written by Darren Lightburn Jr

Verse 1
I know the world keeps messing with a recepie for disaster
we dont get the truth and gotta deal with consequence after
do people have to die for you to wake your sleeping mind
you got good eyes but you'd be strong if you werent blind, oh

so be strong my brotha (life keeps getting harder by the day)
be cool my brotha (woo lord why dont you take this pain away)
Said be seill my brotha (ooh Pressure)((We got to beat this pressure))
Dont let them change you
They cant rearrange you

You got to keep holding your head up high x3

Verse 2
We got lives getting lost in a system without a voice
we need to see the adversity, wont help us live in peace
it ain't safe at all when we out here getting killed by the poilce
no poision in our vains, will ever help us ease the pain
be cool my brotha

Bridge (fastlane)

what do i do
when i wanna fight
I aint thinking right
aint feelin right
Im in the fastlane
Tried the cociane
In the fast lane

(rock out & fade)
Track Name: The Blood Is Love
The moment i saw you
I knew from that time that i had to set it right
they dont know you
Or the amount you cry alone everynight
dont pay attention
if the world puts you down and says you're not good enough
You're very worthy
You can feel it inside you

The blood is love (woo woo)
the blood is love (woo woo)
you know that the blove is love
You know that the blood is love
Oh yea the blood is love
believe that the blood is love
Oh Yea the blood is love
Blood is love